Services provided by us are not refundable and Transactions executed by us are irreversible. Using our Services, you acknowledge that the initiation of a Transaction is irrevocable and that once your Fiat reaches an Evanera bank account (or your BTC arrives at an Evanera address), you are not entitled to claim back any funds, and we are entitled to execute the Transaction. Before sending us Fiat or BTC, as applicable, you may however cancel a Transaction at your discretion and at no cost. You may request the cancellation of a not-yet executed Transaction by sending us an email ( with the transaction ID communicated to you when initiation the Transaction. Any approval to cancel the Transaction and return any amount received by us is at our sole discretion and we may deduct a processing fee from such amount returned to you. Where we approve the cancellation of a Transaction, we undertake to return any amount received by us within five business days.

Last update: 1 July 2021